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The Hidden Gem in Texas Hill Country (It’s not even on Google Maps!)

Guadalupe river trail in texas hill country

Where the Locals Hang.

Do you ever wonder where the locals of a town actually go hiking?  I’m always tired of hiking the same trails as all the other tourists in towns I visit.  We happen to live in a pretty large tourist hotspot of Texas hill country (who am I kidding, all of Texas Hill Country is a hot spot!). Canyon Lake is where everyone comes to go tubing and fishing down on the famous blue waters of the Guadalupe river.  Many people also come to walk along the beautiful beaches and go sail boating on the giant lake our town is named after.  If you’re looking for something simple to do in the Hill Country, look no further.

Canyon Lake beach
The crystal clear waters of Canyon Lake

Enough of all the tourist talk. I’m writing this post about one of our MANY hidden gems around the lake.  Our nature walk – Guadalupe River Trail.  This short, 2.5 mile hike (start to finish), is one of the prettiest spots in the area.  This hiking trail is free to access and never really has many people on it (it’s not even on Google maps unless you know the exact name!).  It’s probably about a medium difficulty because the trails are dirt, not well kept, and the paths are steep in some places. You can find this trial right on the other side of our dam.  If you haven’t seen our dam, it’s not one to skip! It overlooks the lake and is absolutely gorgeous at sunset!  You can see all the sailboats from up high.

Guadalupe river trail in texas hill country

This picture was taken mid-winter, so you’ll have to excuse all the dormant foliage.

More about our trail

My favorite spot on this gorgeous walk along the Guadalupe river is this amazing cove under some boulders.  This little gem has its own microclimate where the water seeps out from the rocks and moss, algae, and other neat organisms thrive. I took my son’s school pictures in this spot, and they are probably my favorite to date. I’m not super comfortable posting full on facial shots of my son, so I’ll put one up of myself.

texas hill country views

There are bridges that you can cross, over hanging vines to monkey around in, and Spanish moss to enjoy!  This little walk is one of my favorite sanctuaries here in Canyon Lake.

Climbing on a tree in hill country

bridge in texas hill country

The birds! So many species of birds.  I haven’t formally gone birding in this spot yet, but I have casually seen several different neat species. Osprey regularly hang out in our giant Cypress trees that overhang the water. Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers flitter in and amongst the lower canopy of the trees, and not to mention the Great Blue Herons that are always hangin’ around fishing for their next meal.

There are tons of plants to observe here, including bald cypress trees, live oak, poison ivy, frostweed, turkscap, Texas persimmon trees, mustang grape vines and many more I couldn’t identify. Even in the dead of winter, life still goes on here since our temperatures are so mild.

I hope that you come around to the area and find this amazing trail.  It really is a neat place! If you come to see our beautiful town, please be kind and throw away any trash you may bring in with you. We have plenty of trash we have to pick up on a regular basis.  For more info on how to be friendly to our environment, and about some neat conservation programs that help with trash pick up, check out my post on conserving American White Pelicans.

hiking in texas hill country

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