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How to Care for Air Plants

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So, you are jumping on the air plant band wagon?! Great!! Welcome to taking care of some of the easiest plants on earth!  If you are anything like me (a serial plant killer), air plants are your perfect match!

They’re trendy and cute! Super easy to take care of! Require little water (eco friendly) and low lighting!! I love that these plants require such little fuss! I am a lover of all low maintenance plants! These plants, in particular, are super eco friendly since they hardly require any water! Go water savy plants!

So what ARE the care requirements for these suckers?? Let me tell you…

  1. What about the water?

These plants really don’t require much water, but they do require either high humidity (a good spritz with water every day or two) or soaking for about 10-20 minutes once per week or two. They aren’t super picky, so don’t feel like you need to stick to a strict schedule with these guys.  Don’t think they get all their nutrients from the air and make the mistake of not watering them!  If they are in need of a drink, the leaves will be wrinkly or feel really soft to the touch.  When you are done watering them, the leaves will feel full, you should be able to tell a noticeable difference!

2. Let there be light!

Air plants generally require bright, indirect light.  I find my air plants thrive in my East facing windows.  They love bright morning light.  Remember, most species grow in the understory, so they don’t require much lighting!

3. Do I need fertilizer?!

Absolutely not!  Air plants don’t require any additional nutrients; though, I’m sure they would love it every once in a while.  I would just get some organic fertilizer made for air plants off of amazon.  Eventually I will be trying to make some for the website for you guys!

4. Have fun!!

That is about it!  Plop your beautiful new pet into a terrarium, tie it to a piece of fishing line and hang it from your ceiling, or get creative!  I have many different displays for my Tillandsia.  I even saved one of my broken water goblets for displaying one of my air plants.  I just threw in some pretty sea shells for looks and there you have it!

Tillandsia recurvada, ball moss, air plant
Tillandsia recurvada (ball moss)

There are MANY different species of Tillandsia (air plant) out there, feel free to collect them all!!

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