Flamingo Makeup Remover Cloth Wipes set of 3


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Aren’t these flamingo cloth wipes adorable? Who wouldn’t want to clean their face with these adorable wipes?!
Add personality to your eco friendly home instead of using those boring ole plain cloth wipes.

Disposable wipes litter our landfills everyday! Think of how many disposable wipes you use a day (or toilet paper squares). I have to use at least 2 disposable wipes per diaper change, and at least 6-7 inches of toilet paper to feel completely clean. Just one 7×7 reusable cloth wipe will do the job most of the time!

These are also great if you are concerned about controlling the chemicals in your household! Disposable wipes have a lot of different chemicals and can cause rashes and different types of allergic reactions. These cloth wipes are 100% cotton and all you need for a good clean is a few drops of water! Another alternative is making a DIY wipe mixture.

No added laundry, just add into your cloth diaper or towel laundry, and there ya go! Help the environment one cloth wipe at a time!

This is for a set of 3 large 7×7 wipes
These reusable wipes are BUTTERY SOFT 100% cotton flannel
I am CPSC compliant – I take you and your families safety very seriously!

What makes my product DIFFERENT?

*My wipes are a perfect size! 7×7 folded in half fit perfectly in regular diaper cases!
*2 ply and top stitched. This means my wipes will LAST! And 2 ply provides a nice, thick barrier between your hand and the grime you’re wiping up!
*Unique prints!
*Safety Compliant (do you see many sellers who are certified in keeping their products safe for you to use?)


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