Blue and Green Alligator full set of cloth wipes


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Have a girl in your life that isn’t a fan of the typical “girl prints”? These are the perfect solution! Makeup remover wipes that aren’t girly! I just love these alligators, they are so charming, and they don’t show makeup stains like lighter prints.

This beautiful, set of 21 (5 7×7 wipes, 4 4×5 wipes, 2 3×4 wipes, and 10 2×2 wipes) alligator wipes is a great way to get started using cloth! These reusable wipes can be used for makeup remover, face cleansing, surface cleaning, or baby wipes. The only limit to these wipes are your imagination!

Made from 100% cotton flannel and CPSC Compliant. This is for you and your families safety!

All sizes are approximate and won’t be exact due to them being handmade.

These washable wipes are so buttery soft; they are absolutely perfect for sensitive faces and booties!

Wash your reusable wipes in regular laundry loads when you are running short (no bleach or fabric softener, please!) and tumble dry on normal settings.

This fabric was prewashed in mild detergent, so you can expect very little shrinking! The 2×2 wipes have a “pinked” edge to keep the fabric from fraying at first, but it will with multiple washes (no worries! The seam will stop further fraying, only the edges will be frayed).

What makes my product DIFFERENT?

*My wipes are a perfect size! 7×7 folded in half fit perfectly in regular diaper cases!
*2 ply and top stitched. This means my wipes will LAST! And 2 ply provides a nice, thick barrier between your hand and the grime you’re wiping up!
*Unique prints!
*Safety Compliant (do you see many sellers who are certified in keeping their products safe for you to use?)


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