Monkey print washable cloth Wipes


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Looking to becoming more eco-friendly? These cute, reusable cloth wipes are guaranteed to cut down on the usage of disposable wipes in your household. These are a simple and easy way to get started! If you already cloth diaper, these are perfect for adding to your growing cloth products.

Are you concerned about the chemicals found in disposable wet wipes?? These 100% cotton wipes cut down on those nasty, harsh chemicals; control what goes on your baby’s butt and face! I just use water on my cloth wipes – no crazy wipe solution necessary! Keep it simple.

Worried about extra laundry? No added laundry, just throw them in with diapers or other towels!

All of my products are CPSC compliant for you and your families safety!

These wipes come in a set of 5. They measure about 7×7 each and are made from 100% cotton flannel.
These are double sided and topstitched for durability – they will last you for a while!

NOTE: on my “children print” wipes, to be compliant, I have a stamp with all the required information. It only takes up about a 1.5 inch square of fabric.

These are handmade, so pattern placement will vary from the pictured wipes. Also, keep in mind computer screen settings may not show an exact color for the product.

What makes my product DIFFERENT?

*My wipes are a perfect size! 7×7 folded in half fit perfectly in regular diaper cases!
*2 ply and top stitched. This means my wipes will LAST! And 2 ply provides a nice, thick barrier between your hand and the grime you’re wiping up!
*Unique prints!
*Safety Compliant (do you see many sellers who are certified in keeping their products safe for you to use?)


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