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DIY Wetbag From Those Useful Plastic Mattress Zipper Bags

upcycled zipper bag

Have you ever wondered what to do with those really neat plastic zipper bags you get with sheets and mattresses?  I have a whole stash of them because they are just too cool to throw away!

upcycled zipper bag

I decided I needed more wetbags for my reusable wipes that I carry around everywhere. These aren’t completely waterproof, but they work for things like wet wipes and toiletry items. I just love useful things!  The only issue is…. these aren’t the right size, and they are just clear.  I like things to be practical AND pretty!  This is also a great way to use up some scrap fabric too! The fabric I used has been in my scrap bag for YEARS just waiting to be used.

upcycled zipper bag

Okay, so this is what I did…..

Gather your supplies

  • Plastic bag
  • Scrap fabric fit to the size of your bag x2
  • Thread and Machine

Cut your plastic bag to the size you want.

upcycled zipper bag

Mine just happened to be the right width for what I wanted.  If your bag is too wide, this project will have to be tweaked a bit.  You’ll need to cut the zipper to the width you need.  Make sure you get the head of the zipper in with your cut, and you should just be able to snip the rest of the zipper off and sew the end and sides of plastic up.

Sew your fabric together

So, I made this bag where the pretty fabric shows from the front and the back, but is still on the outside of the plastic so it doesn’t ruin from whatever you put in the bag.

First you need to figure out how much fabric you need, I just set the bag on top of it and marked where to cut on the wrong sides of the fabric.  I then cut two pieces, for the front view and back.

upcycled zipper bag

Sew the pretty sides together, leaving the bottom open, then flip.

upcycled zipper bag

Set this aside for now

Sew your bag together

upcycled zipper bag

So, you cut your bag to the right size already.  Now you need to sew it up.  Flip the bag inside out, and sew the bottom and sides if needed.  I only needed to sew the bottom together since my width was already what I wanted.

Sew the fabric to your plastic.

upcycled zipper bag

This turned out a little more difficult then I expected.  It is do-able, though. You just need to manhandle that plastic!! Show it who is boss!

Don’t forget to turn everything right side out. Then just sew your plastic to your fabric.  I just put the finished ends of the fabric starting at the zipper end then sewed all the way around, following the seam that was already there.  Then snip off the excess fabric at the bottom!

upcycled zipper bag

Voilà!  (yes, I had to look up how to spell that word… Don’t judge me)

upcycled zipper bag

Hope you enjoy!! It’s not the prettiest thing I’ve ever made… but I love making practical things pretty.  I also love up-cycling things into something I can use every day!!

upcycled zipper bag

Here’s a pretty Pin for your Pinterest!

zipper bag

2 thoughts on “DIY Wetbag From Those Useful Plastic Mattress Zipper Bags

  1. That’s a great idea. I ‘ve thrown away so many of those bags without thinking….I’ll have to start saving them now.
    Thanks for sharing at Waste Not Wednesday.

    1. Thank you! I have a million of them setting around because I know they will be handy for something. Even if it’s just the zipper. Thanks for stopping by!

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