Me looking over the Rio Grande.

Hey everyone!  I'm Sara from The Blessed Olive Branch.  This is my about me page, and I have a lot to tell you for y'all that are interested!

I am the stay at home wife of a wonderful husband, who completely supports me, and am a mom to a 7 year old and one that is on the way!

The Blessed Olive Branch started out under a different name (WildandWanderful) that I started when I was in school getting my B.S. in Wildlife Biology.  I am an amateur photographer, and I have a lot of pictures of nature that, I believe, are very inspirational.  So I started an etsy store while I was still in school.  I didn't have time to mess with it much, so I didn't renew my listings.  Recently I reopened, and renamed my shop The Blessed Olive branch, which you can find here.

Well, I finished school, and my family relocated down to the Texas Hill Country so I could pursue my passion to be a wildlife biologist.  My husband got an awesome job, and I found out that I was pregnant really before I could apply to many biologist jobs down here.

With biology being a very physical, and potentially dangerous, career during pregnancy, my husband and I decided it would be best for me to just stay at home.   So, after we got into our awesome, beautiful house, I decided to reopen my shop and start a blog so I have something to do while Nuggs (his nickname) bakes in the oven a tad longer!  Maybe I can get some things done when he makes his grand arrival too!

So, long story, I know.  But that is how this blog came to be.  I'm educated in wildlife biology, so naturally I want to help the world make more eco-friendly decisions for the sake of our wildlife and their habitats! I realize that these aren't always the cheapest of choices, so I will be giving tips on how to do so easily and affordably!  We live on a budget too, so I know how some decisions (for instance, going completely solar) are just off the table for most people.

I have picked up a lot of hobbies along my life journey.  I sew, play around with photography, make printable art, and maybe do a little soap and candle making as well.  Whatever suits my fancy and keeps me from having to go out and buy things.  I think becoming sustainable in your own household is a great step to having an eco-friendly lifestyle!

So, come join me on my journey of being eco-friendly!  I hope you learn some things along the way, as well as being entertained!  I'm pretty sure I'll learn a few new things as well!